Namada SE Biggest Not Fair Competition Ever

Namada Shield Expedition is the Worst and Not Fair Competition :poop::poop::poop::poop:

I am joined with my friend as a team to compete in Namada Shield Expedition with user id tpknam1qz3eh8gfqgr2m44cfu3pg6sun4wgt75jwc8jvd85ax0wv24tfrrsc78gjet .

In the competition my friend make mistake and he create telegram bot that copying code from other submission. I know its fault and should not be accepted.

So, all of my submission is banned.

But… yesterday after i read finasl S-class review. Some user has tagged as “copying code” same with me. But they are not banned from all submission. They only banned from single submission.

So, is it fair to me Namada ?

You have biggest not fair competition, Namada.

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