Nomination of Namada Translator for Retro Public Good Funding (RPGF)

Hello Namada community!

Today, I would like to submit proposal special nomination for one of the valuable pillars in the Namada ecosystem - Namada translators. Accurate and adequate translations are the key to expanding Namada’s reach worldwide and ensuring that our vision for universal privacy is understood by anyone, anywhere.

Namada Translator, with their dedication to delivering Namada content in various languages, has helped us build bridges worldwide. This enables us to reach more people, communities, and cultures. Not only that, good translations help us effectively convey Namada’s principles and ensure that privacy as a public good is accessible to everyone.

As key contributors, Namada translators have helped the Namada community grow and thrive. It’s time to recognize them through the Retro Public Good Funding (RPGF) program. With the support of this funding, they can continue and expand their efforts in supporting the Namada ecosystem and the vision of privacy we share.

I nominate Namada Translator as a recipient of RPGF because they deserve recognition for their hard work and dedication. Let’s support and nurture our translator community so that we can continue to share privacy as a public good with the world.

Let’s appreciate them together and keep building a strong Namada ecosystem. Thank you!

Warm regards,
[Fuji AR]