Obscuro - RPGF nomination

First of all thank you for giving us this awesome opportunity!
I’d like to nomee Obscuro. This project consist on a layer 2 of ethereum lead by a very talented team, almost all of them coming from a company called R3 (they built Corda Network, which is a permissioned blockchain for banks, institutions and trading firms).
Obscuro brings full privacy, both transactional and computational privacy (smart contract computation is fully private), to the ethereum network ensuring the inputs, contract state and execution are always encrypted. No changes to dApps, just migrate and gain privacy.
Currently, privacy focused project that are building on ethereum as a layer 2 are all using ZK proof to solve the privacy issue. ZK-proofs are a fascinating technology that provides another potential path forward for privacy. However, they’re not currently suitable for decentralised, general-purpose smart contracts. They’re also very expensive and not yet well understood. Obscuro solve these issues in a very elegant way leveraging TEEs.
Project website for more informations: https://obscu.ro/

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