Proposing a Namada Community Architecture based on RPGF funding

Thank you for the detailed description of the proposal. It all looks quite thoughtful. And we can make adjustments as we go along. Only practice will show all the pros and cons.

Absolutely! I would highly recommend you all take on the task of organizing into working groups.

One proposal I have in mind for this is:

  • Comms/Marketing
  • Developer Relations / Support
  • Community Support / Onboarding
  • Translation / Language Division management

Maybe some other ones, but I think this would be a good start?

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I see this as a collaboration between two working groups, no? Like, one part of this could be the Comms / Marketing WG and the ‘viewers’ you are suggesting could be participating in a bounty at the Community Builder level

None of this has been decided! I am somewhat hoping there will be some initiative taken by you all on doing this - I’m not leading the charge here, just proposing the start date.

Yeah, I think it’s a great start.