Shielded actions - Template to organize potential ideas

I have been thinking of a template to organize ideas (once these are discussed and start to take shape) in regard to actions that could be shielded through Namada. Feel free to suggest changes to improve it.

Action to shield: What’s the specific action you think could be shielded through Namada?

What’s the chain of the asset? → Is it based on the Cosmos SDK? Is it EVM-compatible? Is it a L1, L2, L2 rollup, …?
Is it IBC enabled or has it a bridge? → Is it or will it be IBC-enabled? Has it already bridge/s (or in development) to other chains? Are these trusted/centralized or trustless/decentralized?

By answering these questions, we’ll know if this action could be performed fully or partially (i.e., maybe it would need IBC enabling, new IBC channel opening to make it possible, custom bridge opening, etc.).

Flow of the assets:

Explanation of what would be the flow of the involved asset/s (from origin to destination) to perform this action successfully by using Namada. Is there more than one viable option to do so? If so, explain it as well.

Observations: Is there anything you think should be taken into account?

By defining how the flow of assets would look from origin to destination, we’ll know what the different viable options are to perform this action, as well as what would be the best (shortest, fastest?) option to implement it on a user interface and, according to observations, how it could be improved (if necessary).