Blst / Supranational - RPGF Nomination

Hi all, Kelly Olson from Supranational here. I’d like to (self) nominate the blst library and it’s developer Supranational for the Namada RPGF.

For those that don’t know, blst is a BLS signature library used by a number of projects in the blockchain ecosystem. Some projects that rely on blst include Ethereum (All Eth2 clients use blst for the PoS-related cryptography), Tezos, Filecoin, Aptos, Sui, Flow, and more. In addition to being audited, the blst library also went through formal verification, both for the high level operations (e.g. sign, verify, etc.) as well as the low level assembly that contributes to the libraries performance. blst continues to be maintained today with regular performance and security improvements.

In addition to developing and maintaining the blst library, Supranational also works on other open source cryptography projects. Below are some examples:

Verifiable Delay Functions:

Open Source Hardware:

GPU/FPGA Acceleration of ZKP:

Thanks for the consideration of this nomination and for running a RPGF!