Staking Power RPGF Nomination

Hey, my name is Ming and I am from the start-up team Staking-power. Our focus is on zero-knowledge proofs. I would like to nominate my organization to participate in Namada’s RPGF program. Our contributions mainly include the following:

We have developed our own signer SDK based on DART for Mina Protocol on Flutter platform, with the open-source code repository available at GitHub - crackerli/ffi_mina_signer: A Flutter Plugin To Operate Mina Protocol Key Pairs, With C Code Support. The base curve algorithm is referred to C language, which can be found at GitHub - MinaProtocol/c-reference-signer, and it effectively helps in creating keypair and signing messages.

We’ve also developed a mobile wallet APP for Mina Protocol on iOS and Android devices, with the open-source code repository available at GitHub - crackerli/coda-mobile-wallet: A Mina mobile wallet developed by flutter, support both android and ios. The wallet uses Flutter as a platform to call our SDK, besides the basic ability to send/receive/staking Mina tokens, our wallet also makes online data synchronization with the Mina network, broadcasting signed messages to the network, securely operating local data (including private keypair and transactions), local accounts management, best fee calculation, pool tracing and staking analyzing. The wallet supports BIP32, BIP39 and BIP44 protocols, making keypair management easier, including allowing users to manage multiple accounts with a root key, and manage the root key with 12 mnemonics that generate the same account in our wallet and on the Mina APP of Ledger.

Staking-power is a start-up team founded in 2021, and has been dedicated to researching the cutting-edge zero-knowledge proof technology and making every effort to put zero-knowledge proofs into practice.