Epicenter Podcast - RPGF self-nomination

GM, everyone!:vulcan_salute:

My name is Bogdan and I am the community manager of Epicenter, a crypto podcast with a long-standing history spanning over 9 years. Through more than 480 episodes (weekly release), we were quite literally making sense of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology since before they were cool.
We want to self-nominate Epicenter for Namada’s RPGF program, under multiple categories:

  • supporting and pushing forward cryptographic research (with multiple episodes focusing on zk proofs, POS systems, blockchain scalability, as well as the Cosmos ecosystem in general and Anoma in particular - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLZEbTtxGezRsTjkoVL-iCVJwRrzRXaYtT );
  • as crypto adoption increases, apart from our usual long-form episodes, we have recently started dedicating considerably more time and effort towards creating short-form educational content targeting crypto newcomers (i.e. threads, shorts, collages, etc.).

Our host line-up is comprised of:

  • Brian Fabian Crain (co-founder of Epicenter, co-founder & CEO of Chorus One, VP of Interchain Foundation, former COO of Tendermint);
  • Sebastien Couture (co-founder of Epicenter, former co-founder of Stratumn, also hosts The Interop Podcast);
  • Friederike Ernst (co-founder & COO of Gnosis);
  • Meher Roy (co-founder & CTO of Chorus One);
  • Sunny Aggarwal (co-founder of Osmosis Labs, co-founder of Sikka, former research scientist at Tendermint);
  • Felix Lutsch (CCO of Chorus One).

Bear or Bull, we have stayed true to our mission of documenting the blockchain revolution from both a technological as well as a societal standpoint. Our vast archive of episodes acts as a time capsule containing a wide variety of topics that I couldn’t spam link in here, but feel free to post any inquiries you might have and we’ll reply to all!