RPGF nomination: Michelle Lai

I nominate Michelle Lai for RPGF.

She was a critical member of the original Zcash Open Major Grants committee, which provides funding for development of privacy preserving projects in and adjacent to the Zcash ecosystem. Without her involvement, it’s unclear whether the committee would have been successful.

She also co-organized multiple privacy-centric events at ETH Denver 2023, including the Universal Privacy Alliance summit and the “Privacy Is Normal” mega-session Saturday night on the main stage at ETH Denver.

Like many privacy warriors, her work is largely a labor of love, so I encourage Namada to recognize her work with retroactive funding.


Seems that as a ‘new user’ I can only put 2 links in a post :frowning:

So, here are links to the videos from the privacy mega-session that Michelle created at ETH Denver:

Opening Keynote (Roger @ Tor): Privacy Highlight: Keynote with Roger Dingledine (Tor) - YouTube
We Almost Didn’t Get Encryption: Privacy Highlight: We Almost Didn't Get Encryption - YouTube

Fireside chat (Frances Haugen) Privacy Highlight: Keynote with Frances Haugen & Leslie Katz - YouTube

Privacy by Design Privacy Highlight: Privacy by Design - YouTube

Thank you Alchemydc.

Could you confirm if this is the correct twitter handle? https://twitter.com/michlai007