Messages in transactions

some time ago I posted a question on the Discord channel, which never received a reply. it seems Discord is the wrong place to ask technical questions so I hope this is the right place. here’s my posting:

greetings everyone. I don’t see a developer channel on this server so I’ll ask my question here: is it possible to attach a message to a transaction? I don’t see a parameter for it in the namada.new_transfer() method

also, I’ve spent a little time on the github repo looking for where this method is defined but haven’t readily found it. hints?
oops. found it: namada/sdk/src/ at 74d412e1484936c0f5c7c563d14a1fcd245ee3b1 · anoma/namada · GitHub

any chance we might associate a message with a transfer?


hi, welcome! i’m a little late replying

@bengtlofgren likely knows who can best reply, i’ll also message him

also please join us in the Campfire :camping: :fire: channel on Discord, we have a dev chat going. you can tag Gavin (Knowable)


it’s now a high priority feature: Add optional size-limited memo field to transactions · Issue #2354 · anoma/namada · GitHub

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on the way… Extend transactions with memo sections by sug0 · Pull Request #2358 · anoma/namada · GitHub