P2Panda RPGF Nomination

My name is Julio Linares. I would like to nominate p2panda for Namada’s RPGF.

p2panda is a protocol for local-first, energy efficient and encrypted applications. p2panda gives developers the tools to build websites, mobile- and desktop applications which run in a decentralised network without developers needing to focus on the inner workings of complex p2p systems but rather have the time to focus on the UX challenges for radical apps.

Building applications on top of p2panda means that people can truly call data their own, as it is stored on their local device. p2panda is energy efficient in the sense that it allows deletion, partial replication and ephemeral data to avoid large amounts of data from piling up, encouraging people to send and store the data that they really need - without losing it’s cryptographic guarantees.

While storing data in a distributed network can make software and data more open and free, it comes at the risk of losing privacy. For that p2panda uses Messaging Layer Security (MLS) which is a protocol for modern and secure data encryption, even for very large groups. p2panda is built in Rust from which it also compiles to WebAssembly for TypeScript developers.

p2panda is Andreas Dzialocha (adz), Sam Andreae (sandreae) and Vincent Ahrend (cafca), you can check the website under https://p2panda.org

Contact p2panda: contributors@p2panda.org