P2Pcollab - RPGF self-nomination

I’m TG x Thoth, and would like to nominate P2Pcollab, where we do research and development around decentralized, peer-to-peer, local-first internet architecture, protocols, and tools, with a focus on privacy, security, and scalability. We publish open source software and open protocol designs & specifications.

We have worked on protocol design, specification and implementation of privacy-preserving and scalable gossip, clustering, pub/sub, and storage protocols.

We are currently working on LoFiRe, a privacy-preserving, end-to-end encrypted local-first protocol suite, data repository, and application platform, that enables decentralized asynchronous collaboration for communities & organizations.
It uses asynchronous, end-to-end encrypted block storage and pub/sub protocols, stores transactions of operations on mergeable data structures in a permissioned, DAG-structured ledger, and allows applications to define custom operations & data structures.

We aim to develop our protocols further and build collaboration & publishing tools for communities, organizations, and DAOs, and offer interfaces that allows our protocols to be used by various decentralized internet protocols, applications, and blockchains.

Contact: TG x Thoth <*@tg-x.net>

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