RPFG nomination enbit88#2958

I would like to nominate myself as an early namada contributor to enbit88. I was the very first in the community to make a guide for ordinary users

, even before the official documentation was put in order and structured, with the help of our guide we opened the world of namada to a lot of users and attracted them to this project. I make updates in a timely manner and help regular users with specific bugs. we also promote namada on the internet, twitter and in our local communities.
I was also one of the first to be recruited at pregenesis validators and I always tried to be the first to try and test new chain and solve problems and explain them to the community.

enbit88#2958 - discord
Telegram: Contact @enbit88 - TG
encipher (encipher) | Keybase
eNcipher – Medium
encipher | HackerNoon

Resume namada - Google Docs