RPGF Nomination - ManuAlzuru

Hi all, I’m Manu and I’m an engineer, born in Venezuela but a nomad for the last 4 years, founder of DoinGud.com (ecosystem for conscious driven creators), Founder of ETHBarcelona (the largest Ethereum conference in '22 with +2.2k participants), founding member of API3 (DAO for oracles), MetaCartel member, mentor at TheLAO and also partner at own.fund. I love building and creating value collectively. I care about empowering collaboration and creating impact.

Back in Venezuela starting in 2010 more less I became an activist. I fought for freedom of speech, privacy rights, property rights and more causes that are close to my heart after the continuous extortion that my family was receiving for allowing Venezuelans to use our media channels (we owned radio stations) to express themselves. Later on, the government also expropriated our land.

I’m new to the Namada and Anoma ecosystems but I’ve been around the Ethereum ecosystem since TheDAO days.

I want to be consider a delegate in the RGPF Committee because I am super passionate about Public Goods, have been building and contributing to Public Goods for a while and because I believe that blockchain technology has the potential for creating a more equitable and inclusive society.

The core values that guide my decision-making in DAOs include inclusivity, transparency, accountability and decentralization which I believe are values that are essential for the long-term success of this ecosystem.

I have been involved in DAOs since the very beginning but became more vocal about it when I joined the MetaCartel which was funding tools that were needed at the beginning when there was nothing on Ethereum, the Ethereum Marketing DAO, TheLAO, then founding member of API3 DAO, built a platform for providing and requesting help during the pandemics called FightPandemics and currently I’m building DoinGud. I have also participated in other DAOs like Gitcoin, Giveth, ENS, and others.

My background is in mechanical engineering and computer science. My main skills are bringing community together, growth (previously did mobile marketing for the largest marketplace in africa Jumia and CMO for a startup from Microsoft), product, token engineering, governance, voting mechanisms, funding mechanisms (used at ETHBarcelona quadratic funding, NFTs for funding public goods (With DoinGud), retroactive funding), community development (built products with 0 funding and just volunteers from all over the world like FightPandemics.com)

I am committed to staying informed and engaged with the Namada community and that’s why i’m asking to be considered as part of this group. I believe that my contribution to the DAO space, technical expertise, combined with my passion for decentralized technology, make me a strong candidate for this role.

If anyone would love to learn more about me and what I do please do not hesitate to reach out to me.

Here you can find some of my participation in some of the conferences or podcast:

My Twitter handle: @ManuAlzuru
Other Links: https://alzuru.eth.limo/

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