RPGF Nomination - Nucleo

We’d like to nominate our work at Nucleo, where we’ve been researching and building private multisig implementations and infrastructure on Aztec and Aleo.

Our work at Nucleo was catalyzed by ConstitutionDAO. Inspired by the realization that the transparent treasury put the DAO at a significant disadvantage, we began to research how onchain organizations could raise funds and operate privately – ultimately furthering the common cause of enabling DAOs to interface with and compete fairly in real-world business contexts.

We’ve implemented an initial version of the multisig wallet on Aztec (permissioned, live on mainnet since November 2022) and have been working with Aleo to do the same on their network. Our platform has facilitated three public-private fundraise campaigns in the past few months – ConstitutionDAO2, EmpireDAO, and currently UnumDAO. The fundraises totaled ~$500,000 and have spread awareness in the DAO community of the benefits of privacy, tools available, and new areas of exploration (private voting, incentivizing privacy, etc). Additionally, we’ve been working on solutions for private information retrieval and decentralized signature propagation in an effort to remain non-custodial and lessen trust requirements.

This nomination could be considered a future grant application, as we’d like to explore building a wallet and multisig implementation on Namada. We believe the wide reach of Namada’s privacy set could foster even more opportunities for onchain organizations to operate competitively and interface with traditional businesses.

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