The Namada Mainnet Release Candidate - discussions

The Anoma Foundation has just announced the Namada mainnet release candidate and the Namada Mainnet Security Program (NMSP).

This is a topic is for the community to provide review and feedback on the protocol, and to discuss the mainnet release candidate.

We look forward to the discussions from the Namada community and hope to see the community coming to consensus around protocol-readiness.


Hey! Everything’s awesome, but what about the NAM tokenomics? When will it be published? That’s like the very key thing

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please , lets focus on the main topic of this discussion .which is Namada mainnet release candidate, Thanks…

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Not ready yet . I reported a security issue to Anoma . please check . Thanks

That’s good questions
CC @awa

As we can see, the team has very bad communication with their community. No response for more than 10 days.

// sounds of crickets //

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It’s look like mainnet never gonna happen.

We look forward to the discussions from the Namada community and hope to see the community coming to consensus around protocol-readiness.

Thanks @awa! I’m representing Knowable.

Great to see reputable audit firms! Tagging @brentstone and @cwgoes from Heliax eng team for a few Qs:

  1. The security page has interface audit completed July 2024, which may be a typo, since the report itself says July 2023. In terms of development, has much changed in interface and extension development since the audit and now? And the MASP audit is 2 years old. For software readiness, it would help us to understand if anything critical has changed since these audits.
  2. There are two ongoing audits–what’s the scope for each of these? Should we expect that they be complete before or after mainnet?

@brentstone our understanding is that Heliax intends to red-team internally, and it would be great to know how this is going in your Discord announcement updates, if possible. We ran the Housefire :derelict_house: :fire: canary network prior to the incentivized testnet, and we intend to do this again to get a better sense for Namada software stability ahead of mainnet. How are things coming with v0.41.0? As soon as this release is cut, we can begin.

We’re also planning to coordinate a decentralized dry-run of the Namada mainnet launch and the Phases of Mainnet with Housefire :eyes:

I think if these go well, we’ll be more confident that both the protocol and the operators are ready for launch.

Sweet. At which stage (1-5) tokenomics of NAM will be published? @Gavin

@Gavin Yes Heliax will be red-teaming internally, with the idea being to do this alongside the running of the Housefire testnet. Dedicated, full-team red-teaming has not begun in full, thought some engineers have effectively been red-teaming when time has permitted for them. In cases when a bug or issue has been discovered, the fix has been included in the release and sometimes highlighted in the Discord updates.

When we start some larger-scale, more coordinated red-teaming, I will note it in the Discord update.

Regarding v0.41.0, we are very close to having everything, and it should be cut this week. The only true blocker right now is the fix for the campfire liveness issue, which almost done. I’ll describe this in a Discord update today too, but for now check out the PR that addresses this for more details: workaround wasmer leak by tzemanovic · Pull Request #3529 · anoma/namada · GitHub.

Once v0.41.0 is out, this will be the new mainnet release candidate and we can begin Housefire.

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@ChainflipLover tokenomics should be published before mainnet launches - so before phase 1.

This is off-topic though, so in the future let’s make a separate forum thread for any tokenomics discussions.