Nominations: outstanding Shielded Expedition submissions & contributions

Amidst the challenges, there were participants, submissions, and contributions that we (Knowable) think really shone during the Shielded Expedition, and we’d love to recognize these beyond the Shielded Expedition set of winners :high_brightness: Will you help us?

This is a call-out for Shielded Expedition nominations for outstanding submissions in three categories and a bonus fourth category for contributions to the Shielded Expedition itself :mega:

  1. Explorers
  2. Interfaces
  3. Shielded apps
  4. Shielded Expedition support: a) tools b) social support

Please give us a) the category b) the URL and c) briefly tell us what you particularly liked, and also optional d) if this was helpful, mention how.

1. Expansive Explorers :telescope:

There were many explorer submissions, and a number of explorer apps were uniquely noteworthy for their outstanding user experience and their advanced features.

Here are some totally nebular explorer submissions that were out of this world :earth_asia: :milky_way:

In particular, check out the governance proposal features, like being able to see the stats about how different voters voted. For example, with we can see the biggest validators that didn’t vote, and this explorer also lets us see all IBC assets. lets us see when epochs started and ended, and predicts how much time is left before the next epoch. was one of the earliest featured explorers in the Shielded Expedition, and we depended upon it regularly. lets us sort voting stats on governance proposal and lets us sort validators by status. lets us see geographical distribution statistics

There were so many explorers that there must be more outstanding apps worth showcasing. Did you see any you particularly liked or appreciated using? Please reply below!

2. Interstellar Interfaces :comet:

We’re going to need some ambitious wallet interface builders for our community to begin the Namada mission. Were their any interfaces in the Shielded Expedition that stood out to you? Please reply below!

3. Shimmering Shielded apps :sparkles:

It was incredibly difficult to make a shielded app during the Shielded Expedition because the Namada SDK was not yet complete :open_mouth: However, several participants persisted and still managed to build some impressive apps. Did any catch your attention? Here are some that stood out to @spork.Knowable:

hkeydesign’s app (currently offline), was the closest to the original vision of what we would want from a shielded action: it was atomic and didn’t use a trusted back-end. :sparkles: Mandragora’s app appeared to have a working Sentinel integration. :open_mouth: EmberStake’s app had data protection considerations with single-use addresses :raised_hands:

These and other apps may not currently be live. We’d love to see them working and to share them with the world. Please let us know if there are others that deserve recognition!

4. Supernoval Support :superhero:

There were all kinds of contributions that didn’t fit into Shielded Expedition ROID point categories that were helpful, interesting, and exciting.

  • In-channel support :people_hugging: ZEN, pretoro, spidey, LiveR, Daniel, amadison79, Rigorous
    • helping competitors? a big ask, and some did it without being asked :heart:
  • Similarity Tool by Rigorous tpknam1qqp0w8f9fg2yxz7nx8mvarld2ufuh2k2dz44ms8gxhacsgce39t5cd4kmgt
    • this tool was critical to identifying Sybil clusters, enabling us to remove 394 accounts :boom:
  • by Kintsugi Nodes tpknam1qr4m5m2eu9zc24fzswe2vjwpywlysqewnn704rj6hlgtw948ah5269al0ls
    • was available early in the Shielded Expedition and provided Nebb scoring when the Nebb was broken!

Please reply below if there was a person who provided a similar calibre of support, or if there was a tool that someone provided that was particularly helpful throughout the Shielded Expedition :pray:

Beyond nominations

Beyond these nominations, we (Knowable) committed to some bounties during the Shielded Expedition.

  • March 1: Oneplus (2500 NAM)
    • discovered & reported what was preventing certain S Class submissions ie. those that contained IP addresses, saved us considerable time
  • March 8: KrEwEdk0 (5000 NAM)
    • provided a much-needed snapshot to restart the SE and a lot of other kinds of support
  • March 16: phychain (2500 NAM)

We’d also like to recognize the many GitHub issues and email reports that identified a wide range of issues :raised_hands: We are proposing that a bounty be awarded for these helpful and amazing contributions :tada:

Special recognition for our Uptime Titans: validator operators that persisted against all odds to maintain uptime. We’ve identified 30 operators who had at least 99% uptime, and 14 operators who had at least 95% uptime :clap:

These two uptime missions had to be removed from the Shielded Expedition because such a limited set of participants were able to compete for these missions, and we think it’s still important to recognize these operators and their heroic efforts :muscle:

Uptime titans :mechanical_arm:

95% uptime - 14 validators

99% uptime - 30 validators


When checking, we discovered that our address is not listed in the uptime, although our uptime is 96.98% during the operation of the testnet.

HEX: 8A398C8BEDB8DB1A6876F168B623BDD988EEB279
Address: tnam1qx0pnh3k5f7xvv407wfqteqk8jg52k5s0527lkt3
Public key: tpknam1qqa0etypknw6jq64vczdth7z53yqjg9nq4djq9jppu87wjqhny0rcyufapm

Check, please.
Thank you

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I think my wallet should also be nominated for best shielded app.

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Thx for nominating our explorer!


More take care about Similarity Tool. It’s cool but when the chain halts All transactions will be added to mempool. And then chain live again, all txn is processed at the same time.


nodejom’s explorer should be there as well. that was the first explorer and one many kept coming back to.


I want to give a shoutout and nominate Pretoro’s explorer, “,” as a super useful tool for all of us.

Even though the user interface could use a bit of polish, the explorer itself is packed with detailed and helpful information. It’s been a go-to resource for me and many others during our testing phases.

I really think this explorer deserves some recognition. It’s made our lives easier and helped us stay on top of things. No disrespect to other explorers out there – they’re great too – but Pretoro’s explorer has been a standout.


If we have our submission marked as Bounty reward in google spreadsheet, do we need to do anything? Or we will be rewarded anyway with Bounty reward ? Also we with other validators provided full node to help the restart the chain when team asked to do so

i hope you can extend the winner list

because making an explorer is not as easy as installing node, I proposed it for my own explorer. fall into the unique category & all work… hope you guys accept this…

namada explorer

thx namada :smiley:

Edit: for now this explorer doesn’t work, my indexer & rpc are down… but we can refer to our submission … thx

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(already posted on Discord, but repeating for posterity)

I second the nomination of pretoro’s transfer checker. After all I found it so useful that I forked it and extended it, and it eventually inspired me to create the Similarity tool.

Furthermore I want to nominate @Liver | LiveRaveN for publishing snapshots, an overview of active IBC channels and an RPC scanner. I believe @Liver | LiveRaveN was actually the first person to offer snapshots after the chain halted, but was sadly not recognized for that.

Besides that there are some other tools that I found especially useful, such as the Extended NEBB, namascan, explorer75, and I am pleased to see they are already on the list.

By the way, has no one mentioned Zenode’s beautiful explorer/IBC app yet? I remember people drooling over that.


I would like to shamelessly self propose our explorer: What sets it apart is the interaction with the Namada extension: after connecting the extension, users can vote, bond, unbond and withdraw directly from the app.

Some other features:

  • tx info is decoded for most of the tx types
  • when checking an address tx history, you can also see tx in which that address was the recipient example

Granted, the blocks and transactions list pages are missing, but that is rather trivial work (there are already lists in the app).

Overall, we had a blast working on this project, and I want to get back to it soon and bring it to completion.


4b. Social support
I would love to nominate @pretoro and @ammzb for this category, even though it was a competition, they really made the channel a friendly place, attending to question and going the extra mile to follow up.


4A shielded support tools/resources

I would like to nominate @Liver for his snapshots “Snapshot | Services | LiveRaveN” it was really helpful especially after the hard fork

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4A) Shielded Expedition tools

I would like to nominate @Brendan-Whispernode for their very useful guides and resources. Their 3 part video “” and their guide “Full node build | Node Guides | Community Guides” were very useful to get started on SE

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DitYa FamNode nominate to @Liver

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