Reliable and scalable public RPC - powered by Lava

I think we need trustless and decentralized RPCs for NAMADA from the Lava network.

Lava is a modular network which rollups use to bootstrap a performant network of infrastructure providers. RPC requests are routed to the best available provider, giving developers and users optimal service.

I think this is an important step to increase security and developer experience. Also, relying on experience from the shielded expedition with the RPC task we faced with several problems:

  1. Where to store all existing RPC created by the community?
  2. How to check that RPC running and up to date
  3. How to know that a specific RPC is valuable and used by other community members?

All these issues can be fixed by Lava protocol. We donโ€™t need to collect all RPCs and check their performance/usage/liveness all we need is to check that specific provider relay requests for Namada

I have prepared a proposal and written a spec to add Namada to the Lava Network. You can check it on the Lava forum

I think this is worth checking out by the Namada team

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for us building apps on the Namada network this is of critical importance. I donโ€™t want to run my own set of nodes just to make sure they are uncompromised and up-to-date. being able to rely on nodes my app can connect to as a public service would be invaluable

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