RPGF nomination - HesabPay

Forwarding on behalf of a third party who would like to remain anonymous: HesabPay.

HesabPay is an e-payment system specifically designed for third world countries like Afghanistan. Such failing states are often locked out from global financial systems, with huge consequences. For example, its difficult to trade or even send money to family members or relatives (experienced that myself). They also cannot purchase products and services outside their own country because only 6% of the population has a bankaccount. For example, women and girls are not allow to go to school and most online education systems require bank payment (or are blocked).

This is where cryptocurrencies come in. HesabPay allows to transfer crypto funds from and to Afghanistan, and they work with Algorand towards building a more inclusive and interoperable Web3. They are making a great effort to educate people there and allow them to be less dependent on (censoring) governments.

To me, this project shows how blockchains and crytocurrencies can make a true impact on societies. The above mentioned societies may be behind in developing systems themselves, they still contribute to Web3 by pushing the adopting rate.

Contact: info@hesab.af

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