RPGF Nomination - Jason McGee

I would like to nominate Jason McGee for RPGF.

Jason has been a critical part of expanding the Zcash governance ecosystem beyond the ECC/ZF through his work as a community member, a Zcash Community Grants (ZCG) committee member, and now as the founder of Shielded Labs.

Jason has been a leader in the Zcash ecosystem for the past couple years. He came out of his “@aquietinvestor” shell by successfully agitating to improve the Zcash Foundation’s reporting to the community. He next took up Chris Burniske’s proposed amendments to ZIP-1014, successfully organizing the first amendment to ZIP-1014. Jason was then elected to ZCG, leading the ZCG through 2022 and to the present day, being chairperson for all ZCG’s bi-weekly meetings with ZF and helping to expand the Zcash third-party ecosystem to include a diverse array of contributors. He has recently formed the non-profit Shielded Labs based in Switzerland to aid in the decentralization of Zcash and spearhead the development of the Zcash Sustainability Fund (link in next post).

Personally, I’ve found Jason to be one of the most dedicated and easy to talk to Zcashers in the ecosystem. He is persistent in his efforts to decentralize Zcash and has been one of the most active people in making real progress towards growing the number of major entities building on Zcash, which is a practical as well as an existential necessity for Zcash, as well as for the development of privacy tech in general. Given the synergism between Zcash and Namada, I think his efforts will have many spillover benefits to Namada.


Link for Shielded Labs info

Link for Zcash Sustainability Fund x Shielded Labs