RPGF Nomination - Kobi Gurkan

Hereby, I would like to nominate Kobi Gurkan, co-founder at Geometry Research and ZKValidator, and former head of cryptography at cLabs. Kobi is an exceptionally talented crypto engineer and researcher and has worked on innumerable projects in cryptography, distributed systems, and cryptocurrencies. Besides his code contributions to open-source projects that are too numerous to count, he’s also published various research papers, including Aggregatable Distributed Key Generation and Plumo: An Ultralight Blockchain Client, is an occasional co-host at ZK Podcast, and is one of the co-organizers of the highly regarded ZKHack event series that has educated countless participants on state-of-the-art ZK technologies, just to give a few examples.

Nominee: Kobi Gurkan
Proposer: Philipp Jovanovic