RPGF nomination - Eric Wall

For Namada RPGF I nominate Eric Wall, a prominent crypto personality, investor and advisor. Eric has a history in being concerned about privacy and censorship in the blockchain space, which is a topic he has both written and talked about in many occasions. In 2019, I stumbled upon a series of articles of his called “Privacy and Cryptocurrency”. Here, you can find the opening part of the series: Privacy and Cryptocurrency, Part I: How Private is Bitcoin? | by Eric Wall | Human Rights Foundation (HRF) | Medium.

For me, this has been my entry into deeper research into and awareness about the major importance of privacy in the space.

Eric has previously served as an advisor on cryptocurrencies and privacy at the Human Rights Foundation. His particular strength, from my perspective, is that he is able to encapsulate very serious topics into entertainment and humor, which is why he is an important figure in educating the masses on the importance of privacy. As such, I see his educational efforts as a contribution to the public good of privacy technology and thus worth a nomination.

Nominee Eric Wall contact: Twitter ercwl
Proposer contact: mai {at} promessage.com
Thank you for Namada!