RPGF Nomination - Peter Snyder

Dear all,

for Namada RPGF, I nominate Peter Snyder, senior privacy researcher and director of privacy at Brave Software. Many of us use a Brave Software product, namely the Brave browser, on a daily basis.

In addition to his direct contributions to Brave, Peter has been continuously contributing to the improving of privacy and security on the Web. He is also an advisor to several privacy groups and projects, and co-chair of PING, a W3C group that reviews spec proposals for privacy risks and concerns.

Peter has written countless publications and articles on web privacy and security, which you can find linked on his website https://www.peteresnyder.com.

He is in a unique position between research and a privacy-first software product with over 57 million monthly active users which makes him both an important contributor to privacy-first technology as well as an interesting potential advisor for promising projects such as Namada which I believe strongly in.

Nominee contact: @pes10k, snyderp at gmail dot com
Proposer contact: @eveXBT, evezero at fastmail dot net