RPGF Nomination - Prove Us Wrong

Prove Us Wrong is the visionary organization behind the Truth Post project. As a group of committed cypherpunks and libertarians, they share a common belief in the power of freedom, justice, free speech, and privacy to create a better world.

Currently, their efforts are on building a decentralized newspaper, The Truth Post, where news pieces are curated according to accuracy and relevancy without a trusted central party. By championing freedom of speech, incentivizing quality journalism, and promoting decentralized fact-checking, the platform aims to create a more informed and engaged society. While it’s far from ready, if you wanna take a look at it, it’s live here.

I nominate Prove Us Wrong,

  • for advocating privacy and freedom of speech.
  • for its efforts in building a public good for news, which aims to ensure access to accurate and relevant information for everyone.

Founder of Prove Us Wrong


Nominating Prove Us Wrong because I believe what they are building is much needed in this polarising world that we find ourselves.


Hi @0xferit do you have a link to a site or point of contact you can share for Prove Us Wrong?


I’m the founder and the leader of the organization. How can I help you?

And here is the website.