Batched list of nominations for digital privacy contributions

Ying Tong

Ying Tong was a researcher for the Ethereum Foundation where she worked privacy-preserving apps with zk-SNARKs and other cryptographic protocols. Ying was essential to the development of Halo2 (which enables zk circuit upgrades without relying on trusted setups: ZK7: Latest developments in Halo2 by Ying Tong Lai - YouTube) and Zcash Orchard, the shielded money protocol.

Ying has been recognized as a substantial contributor to 0xPARC and the Ethereum Foundation’s “Privacy and Scalability Explorations” team.

Ying was recently approved for a grant to be a halo2 community manager. “A halo2 community manager would contribute reviews, organise processes for external review and maintenance, and provide support to external teams exploring new features,” and perhaps Anoma may use this technology.

She’s also working on a coordination project–a technology tree that maps out the intelligent cooperation landscape. She talked about the project at Funding the Commons 2022: A Collaborative Map of the Intellegent Cooperation Landscape with Ying Tong Lai - YouTube and there’s a working demo here. More about tech trees here: Foresight Institute’s Tech Tree Project - Foresight Institute

Ying has been recognized by an anonymous nomination.