Batched list of nominations for digital privacy contributions

Taylor Hornby

Taylor Hornby’s been anonymously nominated.

Paraphrasing some relayed information related to this nomination:

Taylor’s known for security work, giving free mini-audits to free / open source software projects, and helped Least Authority to audit Ethereum before launch. Taylor found a critical vulnerability in the Zerocash protocol prior to Zcash’s launch, and has worked at the Electric Coin Co. (ECC) over the years, inventing Zcash and keeping it secure.

Namada’s privacy functionality comes from its “multi-asset shielded pool,” or MASP, which is based on Zcash’s Sapling circuit. Namada also intends to bridge beyond just Ethereum, but also to the Zcash ecosystem.

Taylor recently left the ECC and and is now the Zcash Community’s full-time, “independent security ronin.”

Check out Defuse Security Research and Development, Taylor Hornby’s security research and development group.

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i’m running out of time to post nominations! so i’m going to get them posted in whatever form i can :slight_smile:

Jackie Singh

Jackie Singh was recognized by Matthew Stotts :raised_hands:

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Andy Yen

Recognition from Pascal Gujer for Andy Yen’s work :raised_hands:

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Brian Warner

Anonymous recognition for Brian Warner’s work:

“Open source hero—author of Buildbot, Tahoe-LAFS, and Magic Wormhole. He was the founding engineer at Agoric.”

Buildbot is “a build/test automation system which helps software projects perform builds or run unit tests every time the codebase is changed.” Buildbot success stories

Brian has said that he wrote the majority of the code in Tahoe-LAFS, a Free and Open decentralized cloud storage system. It distributes your data across multiple servers [while] preserving your privacy and security.

Brian made “magic-wormhole,”

a simple tool to move files from one computer to another, like “scp” but without the setup. By telling the recipient just a few secret words, the file is safely encrypted and delivered directly to the correct machine. The talk will explain the security mechanics, the cryptography (NaCl and SPAKE2), and how to use the underlying open-source library in your own applications.

Brian’s personal webpage can be found here, check out his web log and projects.

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Mark S. Miller

Mark S. Miller has also been anonymously recognized :raised_hands:

“One of the greatest computer scientist of all time discovering better ways of providing privacy/security/decentralization, probably the longest-serving scientist in those fields who is still working today. He’s now the Chief Scientist at Agoric.”

Mark has a long history of contributions to secure open systems:

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J.W. Verret

Gabriel Shapiro identified J.W. Verret when I asked for the most underrated privacy advocates/contributors :raised_hands:

J.W. Verret is launching Crypto Freedom Lab “as a new non-profit dedicated to fighting for the rights of crypto users and builders that are being threatened by government regulation.”

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Shawn “mine Zcash ᙇ”

I’m told that Shawn, aka mine Zcash ᙇ, was first person to publicly initiate the conversation that led to the Zcash Dev Fund.

“Basically Shawn was the original Zcash community member from before launch in 2016.”

He has been recognized by key Zcash contributors as a pillar of the community when he resigned from his position last year.

Prior to last year,

“He is a super sweet and sincere person that everyone in the Zcash community trusted and relied on for Zcash’s entire life”

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Ariel Gabizon

Ariel Gabizon has been anonymously recognized :raised_hands:

“He is a cryptographer who has twice discovered a mathematical insight that changed the world. The first was that he discovered the mathematical flaw in the first zkp ever deployed — Zcash Sprout — and the second was that he discovered (with Zac Williamson and others) PLONK, which is used in almost all modern zkps including Zcash Halo.”

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Mykola Siusko

Mykola Siusko alerted me to his work as a Web3 privacy advocate:

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Tomas Sander & Amnon Ta–Shma

In 1999, Tomas Sander and Amnon Ta–Shma published the paper Auditable, Anonymous Electronic Cash, which I’m told presaged the design of Zcash :crystal_ball:

According to LinkedIn, Tomas Sander is currently ’ Technical Program Manager, Privacy at Google’:
"I’m passionate about advancing Privacy by Design methodologies and making Privacy by Design work for a broader range of organizations. I co-led a breakout session on PbD at the IAPP Privacy. Security. Risk. 2019 Conference. "

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