Proposal to nominate kelpie for the role of steward

Hello, everyone.
I would like to put forward a proposal for my nomination for the role of Steward.

I have participated in Namada trusted setup.
I have been a moderator of the Namada community for over a year, I have also participated in all Namada testnet, and I have been an active pre genesis validator since #3 testnet.

I am also an active Community Builder, during all this time I have done various activities for the development of Namada community (translations/community calls/moderation and helping the community in discord etc.).

From the very beginnings of Namada to today, as Namada enters a new phase of its development, I propose my candidacy.

I propose for discussion!
And my contacts
discord: ke1pie



I can’t help but support this man! I’ve been in Namada since October 2023, and I can only say kind words about ke1pie! When there was an active phase of the community builder program, ke1pie was always there to help and share his experience, he was at all the AMAs CIS region, gave his suggestions and was an active participant in the community.

I support this proposal!
:saluting_face:Thank you!

I think Park didn’t nominate you for nothing. You’re a very worthy candidate for the role, so I hope you get elected.